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About Us

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Our Story

Proudly veteran and family-owned / operated. Sleepy Bear was founded by former army ranger, Kyle Paradiso in 2020.

Kyle has spent the last six years working at the forefront of veteran issues, focusing on breaking the stigma against veteran cannabis usage and spreading the positive aspects of cannabis to help and heal the veteran community.

After suffering a severe spinal cord injury during his military service as a member of 1st Ranger Battalion in 2016, Kyle was medically retired. Post-service, he would return to his alma mater, The Citadel Military College of South Carolina, as a veteran service coordinator and program director. 

Prior to his injury, Kyle had been staunchly opposed to cannabis usage, strongly influenced by his time as a cadet at The Citadel, his career as a D1 Collegiate Wrestler, and a member of the special operations community. However, his desire to treat his debilitating chronic pain with a more holistic option would lead him to look towards cannabis research as a personal pain management alternative with life-changing results leading to a transformation in his personal beliefs. 

After years of research working with veteran nonprofit organizations and educational institutions nationwide, Kyle turned his passion and heart toward creating Sleepy Bear in 2020 as a primarily veteran-owned and funded company with the support and contributions of fellow Army Ranger Archie Preissman (CFO) and other Special Operation family members.

Fast forward, Sleepy Bear products are now synonymous with cutting-edge cannabinoid research and quality. Sleepy Bear is proud to have products available in hundreds of retailers nationwide. From wellness studios on Melrose Ave to CBD boutiques in NYC, pharmacies, grocery stores, boutique retailers, gyms, and health care practitioner offices, all trust Sleepy Bear to deliver products their customers can trust. Sleepy Bear has been recognized nationally in some of the industry's biggest publications for being a top industry contributor to innovation, product safety, and quality standards, such as Cannabis Now, Shape Magazine, and Yahoo Health.

Today, Sleepy Bear continues as an example of veteran entrepreneurship and commitment, remaining a majority veteran and family-owned company with a predominantly special operations veteran workforce. As Sleepy Bear looks to the future, our vision extends beyond products to help shape conversations and policies around veteran health and cannabis usage. Fueled by our founder's journey, Sleepy Bear reflects a profound transformation, not just in life but in the broader narrative of veteran health and the ideals of holistic healing.

Company Information


Instagram: @sleepybeargummies

Office #: 619-771-1773

Founded: 2020 in San Diego

Location: Headquarters in San Diego, CA
2573 Market Street, San Diego CA 92102

Type: Private Company

Employees: 10 employees

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