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Sleepy Bear

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High Potency Sleep Support

CBN: 25mg / THC: 5mg (5:1 Ratio)

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30.0mg per gummy. 450.0mg total / $2.00 per serving.

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Fast acting

Long lasting

Extra strength

Pharmaceutical grade cannabis.
Scientifically formulated to support:

  • Sleep
  • Inflammation
  • Circadian Rhythm
  • Pain Management
  • REM / Deep Sleep
  • Stress

*100% Hemp Extracted Cannabinoids.
Contains less than .03% THC in accordance with Federal Law the 2018 Farm Bill (Sections 10113, 10114, 12610) Must be 21+ to purchase or consume.

It's time to HIGHBEARNATE with our strongest gummy yet!

Say hello to the new knockout king, this is the strongest and most sedative gummy we have ever created! This cutting-edge formula combines an industry-leading high-potency dose of CBN with THC for maximum sedative synergy. Whether you struggle with insomnia, stress-related tension, or chronic pain, our gummies offer a holistic solution to help you unwind and soothe your body and mind. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a more serene, pain-free tomorrow with this nighttime powerhouse!

Our gummies feature a unique 5:1 ratio of CBN to THC. Research suggests that when taken together in these ratios that CBN increases the sedative and relaxing effects of THC while also reducing the prevalence of side effects from THC.

The world’s most advanced nighttime gummy.

Our new cutting-edge sleep gummies merge the best of pharmaceutical science and nature so you get your best night’s sleep. Feel effects faster, feel effects longer, and feel effects stronger with our proprietary pharma-grade CANNAPEΔK™ enhanced cannabinoids.

Using a unique two-stage delivery system, our timed dual solubility matrix provides users with the combined benefits of rapid absorption and slower sustained circulation. CANNAPEΔK™'s absorption technology safeguards cannabinoids from degradation, maximizing their effectiveness, increasing their total bioavailability, and allowing for a higher average blood concentration level than other CBD products. Research suggests that when compared to other absorption methods, CANNAPEΔK™ provides a more consistent user experience with faster, stronger, and longer-lasting effects.*

Quality you can trust

Not all CBD is created equal! We test for over 150+ Microbials, Mycotoxins, Pesticides, Metals, and Solvents. These results are batch-specific and attached to every package so you know what you are consuming is free from any contaminants.

What we have

  • Organic Ingredients
  • Natural Flavors
  • Natural Colors
  • Only USA Grown Hemp
  • Natural Sugars
  • Pectin (Vegan)

What we don’t

  • Pesticides and Heavy Metals
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Synthetic Colors / Fd&c dyes
  • Synthetic Cannabinoids
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • THC Isolates or Converts

Unlocking CBD’s potential with CANNAPEΔK™

Stage 1: Fast Acting

Feel effects faster: CANNAPEΔK’s fast-acting delivery stage provides rapid absorption, pushing active ingredients into circulation faster than other CBD products, with most users feeling effects in 30 minutes or less.

Stage one of our proprietary formula utilizes micronized particles and a unique medium chain lipid layer to promote rapid absorption into the bloodstream through the body’s hepatic portal system. Our formula promotes rapid effect onset as actives are immediately delivered directly into blood vessels through absorption by the GI cell membranes/enterocyte cells located in the mouth, esophagus and upper GI tract. This allows for higher bioavailability and circulation than other edible products since our materials are absorbed prior to reaching the stomach where the cannabinoids would otherwise be significantly degraded.*

CBD alone is not enough

CBD alone is less effective than when combined with other cannabinoids due to what's known as the entourage effect. By working together, cannabinoids can enhance each other's positive effects and reduce potential negative side effects, providing a more holistic approach to symptom relief and overall well-being.

Through extensive internal testing, we've been able to identify the best cannabinoid ratio combinations to deliver the maximum entourage effect! In user feedback, our blend was shown to promote a stronger response than either CBD alone or other similar minor cannabinoid combinations.

Legal All Natural THC Delivered Right to Your Door!

Our THC products are made with federally legal hemp Δ-9-THC, 100% sourced from US grown full spectrum hemp extracts without the introduction of any synthetic or dangerous THC isolates. Under The 2018 Farm Bill Federal Law (Sections 10113, 10114, 12610) hemp-derived Δ-9 THC at a concentration of 0.3% or lower by dry weight is legal on a federal level. In most states, the commercial production, sale, and purchase of hemp Δ-9 THC products by adults 21 and older are also permitted. We test all our products at third-party DEA-registered labs that confirm every batch for safety, quality and legal compliance.

Check Legal State Status Here

You have questions? We have answers!

How many should I take?

Sleep, Slumber or Highbearnation, Sleepy Bear has a serving size for your need. We recommend beginning with 1/2 of a gummy to best assess tolerance and increase to 1-3 bears a night and only if needed. The product should be consumed same time every night for at least 2 weeks for best results.

Will Sleepy Bear + THC make me feel high?

Yes, each gummy has a 5mg of THC for a very mellow high that will help relax and soothe you to sleep.

Is Sleepy Bear + THC Legal?

Our Sleepy Bear + THC is a legally made hemp THC product that is extracted from 100% US grown full spectrum hemp, without the introduction of dangerous and illegal thc isolates.

All our THC gummies are under the legal 0.3% total thc by dry weight limit and are legally compliant for purchase in all states that allow full spectrum hemp extracts pursuant federal law under the 2018 Farm Bill (Sections 10113, 10114, 12610). We test all our products at third-party DEA-registered labs that confirm every batch for safety, quality and legal compliance.

What is a SMEDDS?

A self-microemulsifying drug delivery system (SMEDDS) are mixtures of oils, surfactants, solvents, and active substances that rapidly and spontaneously form oil-in-water emulsions or microemulsions when introduced into aqueous phases to promote better absorption of hydrophilic materials.

SMEDDS are a suitable solutions to improve the oral drug delivery of poorly soluble and low permeability materials. SMEDDS can disperse and create microemulsions when exposed to solvent media (such as gastrointestinal fluids).SMEDDS are used wildly in pharmaceuticals to improve absorption of active materials in the gastrointestinal tract.

What is the difference between Delta 9 THC (Δ9-THC) and THC?

Basically, Delta 9 THC aka Δ9-THC and THC are the same thing! The terms "Delta 9 THC" and "THC" are often used interchangeably, there's are only a few tiny subtle distinctions in their usage, particularly in scientific and regulatory contexts.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol): Is a broad term that refers to the main psychoactive compounds found in the cannabis plant. THC is responsible for the "high" that is associated with cannabis use. There are several different forms (isomers) of THC, each with a slightly different molecular structure that are all grouped under the umbrella of THC.

Delta 9 THC (Δ9-THC): This is the most abundant form of THC found in cannabis plants and is the specific isomer most commonly associated with the psychoactive effects of cannabis. When someone says THC or thinks of THC getting them high, it is actually Delta 9 THC that they are referring to. The "Delta 9" (Δ9) part of the name refers to the double bond on the ninth carbon chain in the molecular structure, which is critical to the compound's psychoactive effects.

The main importance when discussing Delta 9 THC is where it is sourced from. Δ9-THC sourced from Hemp is federally legal under the farm bill but Δ9-THC sourced from medicinal cannabis is strictly controlled and only legal within certain states.

In summary, while "THC" can refer to any of the psychoactive compounds in the cannabis plant, "Delta 9 THC" specifies the particular isomer that is most widely recognized and studied for its psychoactive properties. When people talk about the effects of THC, they are usually referring to the effects of Delta 9 THC.

Will Sleepy Bear show up on a drug test?

Yes, this product contains THC and you will likely fail a drug test for THC if you consume this product.

Can I take Sleepy Bear with my medication?

Please consult your primary medical provider prior to consuming Sleepy Bear with any medication.

Will Sleepy Bear make me groggy?

If taken as directed Sleepy Bear should not cause any grogginess after 8 hours active life, if grogginess does occur reduce dosage.

Can I take Sleepy Bear with other nighttime aids?

No, we recommend taking sleepy bear alone.

What does Sleepy Bear taste like?

Tasty Mixed Berry

Can I return a product if I don't like it?

Yes! All products carry a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee. Please see our refund policy for more information.

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