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Nature Meets Science

Feel your best around the clock with the world’s most advanced cannabis-infused gummies. We aren’t your average CBD product; our medical-grade formulas are each uniquely designed to provide the targeted support you need to tackle your most urgent wellness needs. Our products combine CBD with research-backed specialty minor cannabinoid blends and our industry-first two-stage timed pharmaceutical absorption technology to deliver unrivaled potency and effectiveness. Whatever your need, there is a bear for you!

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As featured in

"Our team at Cannabis Now tried these gummies, and the results are unanimous: Sleepy Bear delivered on its mission to help us fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer."

-Cannabis Now

"The Sleepy Bear formula is a worthy gummy that delivers rest, relaxation, and ultimately, a substantial night’s sleep."

-A Proper High

"We recommend Sleepy Bear, which contains both cannabinoids and melatonin. Author Note: I sleep SO well with these!"

-Shape Magazine

"An Editor's Favorite Pick, In a college dorm, getting a good night's sleep is *truly* priceless. These melatonin/CBD gummies will put you to sleep naturally in minutes."

-Seventeen Magazine

"The flavor is juicy, the effects are delicious, and there's no way l'm ever sleeping without these gems again. Sleepy Bear's gummies deliver restful relaxation that lasts."

-A Proper High

"If Sleepy Bear were a stuffed animal, this is the one stuffed bear we'd want to sleep with...Sleepy Bear really helps you get those ZZZ's"

-Svn Space

The worlds most advanced cannabinoid gummies

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Fast Acting

Our gummies utilize special pharma-grade nano-emulsion technology for faster absorption and quicker onset time. Most users feel effects within 30 mins.*

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Extra Strength

Our unique formulas are designed to support specific issues, with research showing stronger effects than CBD alone or other active combos.*

us farmed hemp cbd gummy icon

US Farmed Hemp

Our products only contain domestic hemp sustainably grown in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill. No cheap foreign cannabinoids, only premium raw materials.

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Fast Shipping

Get you order quick! Orders placed by 2 pm PST ship the same day. All orders are shipped 1-2 Day Express with overnight shipping in certain California zip codes.

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Travel Friendly

Designed for portability, take your bears with you wherever you go! Our products are completely THC-free and federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.

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Triple Lab Tested

Our products are tested at USDA certified labs to ensure quality and potency. Over 150+ tests are conducted on every product, with results on every package.

Quality you can trust

We test for over 150+ Microbials, Mycotoxins, Pesticides, Metals, and Solvents. These results are batch-specific and attached to every package so you know what you are consuming is free from any contaminants.

What we have

  • Natural flavors
  • Natural colors
  • USA grown hemp only
  • Natural sugars
  • Pectin (vegan)

What we don’t

  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Synthetic colors / Fd&C dyes
  • Foreign hemp
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Pesticides / Solvents

Our Mission

Our philosophy is simple: wellness products aren't one size fits all, and your CBD products shouldn't be either. We believe in a personalized approach to cannabis and believe that the products you consume should be uniquely designed to support your individual health goals

There is a unique origin story behind everything we do. Every one of our products were initially developed directly in response to a healthcare need of a Sleepy Bear team member or family member in crisis. When you consume our products, you can consume them with confidence, knowing they are the standard of quality and effectiveness we demand for our family's well-being.

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Natural and Effective

We use the highest quality ingredients to make natural, delicious, and effective products. Through extensive testing and research, we have identified the best cannabinoid ratio combinations for maximum effectiveness in each wellness category. In user feedback, our blends were shown to promote a stronger and more favorable response than CBD alone or other similar minor cannabinoid dosing combinations.*

Cloudberry Flavored CBD and CBN Gummies for Sleep

Veteran owned

Proudly veteran and family-owned and operated. Sleepy Bear was founded by former army rangers. Sleepy Bear has spent years working on the forefront of veteran issues to promote the positive aspects of cannabis to help heal the veteran community. A portion of profits and products are donated to support Veteran Organizations. Sleepy Bear offers 40% discounts to Veterans on all purchases.

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Legal All Natural THC Delivered Right to Your Door!

Our legal THC products are extracted from 100% US grown full spectrum hemp, without the introduction of dangerous and illegal thc isolates. All our THC gummies are under the legal 0.3% total thc by dry weight limit and are legally compliant for purchase in all states that allow full spectrum hemp extracts pursuant federal law under the 2018 Farm Bill (Sections 10113, 10114, 12610). We test all our products at third-party DEA-registered labs that confirm every batch for safety, quality and legal compliance.

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It's Time to Get Groovy With Lava Llama!

Our Lava Llama gummy line is designed to satisfy even the toughest cannabis connoisseur. Made using our enhanced rapid absorption full spectrum distillate with a 6:1 CBD to THC ratio and a full assortment of minor cannabinoids, our gummies provide a true to flower experience for a more elevated "high" than traditional THC gummies which use processed distillate or THC isolates. With their heavy cannabinoid profile, these gummies provide a balanced experience perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike!

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