$59.99$169.99 or from $47.99$135.99 / month

Wellness has never felt this good! This unique blend of rare minor cannabinoids is designed to help you conquer all your health goals. Seize your day with all-day physical/mental support, jitter-free natural energy, laser focus, increased euphoria, and stabilizing gut support. Sleepy Bear only uses natural ingredients that present no risk for dependency, addiction, or quick tolerance build-up.

Feel your best day and night with our Day/Night Stack ( Each bundle contains 1-30ct Sleepy Bear 1|1 + 1-30ct Day Bear per order)

Effects - Wellness, Energy, Focus, Mood, Gut, Pain, Inflammation
Actives - CBD, CBG, CBC, THCV
Flavor - Tropical Fruits
Ratio - 5/5/5/2 (17mg per gummy)


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