Zen Bear (CBD/CBDA/CBN) – Premium Relaxation Formula

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Relaxation without intoxication, find your zen and wind down naturally with Zen Bear. Zen Bear was designed to provide powerful all-natural stress relief, relaxation, and pain management. Relax your mind and ease your body with our premium blend of rare cannabinoids. Zen Bear combines an industry-first combination of Nano CBD, CBDA, and CBN for potent nonpsychoactive relaxation you can take daily.

Our products use only highly bioavailable nano-emulsified cannabinoids. Feel effects in 30 mins or less, our gummies work 3x faster and are up to 10x stronger than traditional CBD gummies at much lower MG dosages.*

Our private reserve 45 ct sized products come packaged in UV Miron glass jars for enhanced preservation of taste, smell, color, bioenergy, and the natural properties of our gummies. They are not only beautiful, but they preserve the shelf life of cannabis products while providing a constantly sterile environment for storage. Our bottles are printed with real precious metal inks made from 18k gold and copper to provide an eye-catching top-shelf design. We encourage reusing the bottles for storage/preservation of other food-grade items or cannabis products after usage!

Promotes - Relaxation, Inflammation Reduction
Support for - Stress Relief, Physical/Mental Discomfort Reduction
Actives - CBD, CBDA, CBN
Flavor - Watermelon
Delivery Method- Nano-Emulsified
Ratio - 5/2.5/1.5 (10mg total per gummy)

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