Sleepy Bear and Cure Crate unite to get you snoozing!

Sleepy Bear is proud to announce our partnership with Cure Crate! 

All of us are unique, and when it comes to our health there is no one size fits all. CBD tends to a variety of ailments, such as pain, anxiety, and sleep issues. With Cure Crate’s carefully cultivated section of premium cannabis products, finding the product routine that works best for you is easier than ever!

Everything You Wanted to Know About CBNOnce a customized quiz is completed to better understand target ailments, Cure Crate’s personalized CBD selections are sent directly to your door. With Sleepy Bear as their nighttime product of choice, we know they have good taste! We are excited to place our nighttime gummies next to top rated and quality tested CBD products. 

Here at Sleepy Bear, we strive to help you achieve a hibernation worthy sleep. With our new partnership with Cure Crate, we know that our gummies are well cared for to be directed to fit your exact needs! Along with Cure Crate, we are here to better educate you on the CBD products that work best with your daily routine and lifestyle needs!

Whether you are simply curious, or a CBD connoisseur, Cure Crate will deliver the perfect products. The Sleepy Bear team is excited to be welcomed into the routines of others and we promise to uphold our support for quality sleep. Head over to Cure Crate, take their personalized quiz, and go to bed with the bear!

Apart from this amazing partnership, both teams of Cure Crate and Sleepy Bear agree on the importance of involvement in our communities. Over at Cure Crate, a portion of all proceeds are donated to The Last Prisoner Project. Every dollar donated will go towards freeing unjust cannabis prisoners and helping to rebuild the lives of those who have experienced the devastating effects of the criminalization of cannabis.

Veteran Owned CBD Company

As a veteran owned and operated CBD company, Sleepy Bear strives to show value and appreciation for our country’s veterans! Three percent of all Sleepy Bear profits go to veteran aimed support organizations.

We are very excited to announce this partnership and as we continue with our mission to deliver wellness through our brands, we hope to give you the CBD experience of a lifetime!

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