Rest and Recovery. Why Sleep is so Important for Performance

Everyone has their own fitness routine,  little secrets to give their workout regime an advantage. If you’re a fitness junkie, you undoubtedly have some of your own.  When it comes to maintaining optimum performance, rest and recovery are must-haves. Exercise adds stress and strain to your muscle, and it is important to remember that resting periods allow them to rebuild and strengthen. One vital component of rest and recovery that is often overlooked is sleep quality. Exercise and sleep are two things that go hand and hand, it’s hard to have one without the other.

It’s simple enough to say that there are many reasons why our bodies need sleep on a daily basis. With quality and consistent sleep, your body will have more energy for your daily workout. More energy means longer cardio, extra reps, and higher muscle output. Of course, the main role of sleep is to rebuild damaged tissue and allow the body to recuperate.  

You may think when your sleeping you are just resting in place but secretly your mind and body are still hard at work. Each system in your body takes this period of rest to rebuild and recover, healing damaged tissue, rebuilding torn muscle fiber, and replenishing old cells.

When is comes to exercise, the endocrine system one of the stars of the show. Our endocrine system is a group of glands that produce various hormones which regulate different organs and functions within the body. This includes metabolic rates, growth and development, and tissue regulation.  At night your body needs to reach deeper stages of sleep for the necessary muscle-building growth hormones to be properly released, allowing muscles to recover and strengthen. When your body doesn’t get adequate levels of sleep, healthy muscle tissue is broken down and used for energy instead, to repair damaged muscle tissue limiting muscle growth and recovery.

By now I am sure you are now wondering what you can do to achieve and maintain the better sleep quality you need for rest and recovery. Some easy at home tips include avoiding sleep inhibitors such as caffeine and blue-light electronics too close to bedtime (6 hours for caffeine and 2 hours for electronics). However if that doesn’t work and if you still find yourself tossing and turning, natural supplements such as CBD and melatonin may help do the trick! 

CBD gummies that utilize ingredients such as CBN and Melatonin, like in Sleepy Bear’s trademark Sleep5/3/2 formula, can help the body fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, helping to optimize recovery and pump up those sleep numbers!

 This combination is an easy secret weapon to help achieve the deep levels of sleep everyone dreams about. So what are you waiting for, get some sleepy bears and let’s get some gains!

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