Nighttime Gummy Formula (CBD/CBN/Melatonin)

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With Sleepy Bear it's your last bad night's sleep or your money back!  Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Each delicious gummy contains 10mg of nighttime goodness highlighted by our Sleep5/3/2™ formula.

Our gummies will lull you into a state of pleasant relaxation and sedation, melting away physical and mental discomfort. Our unique blend is designed to give user deep natural sleep immediately while also promoting a long term natural sleeping rhythm.

Unlike other nighttime products, Sleepy Bear only uses naturally acting ingredients that present no risk for dependency, addiction, or quick tolerance build-up when consumed as recommended.

CBN (Cannabinol):
A rare minor cannabinoid naturally found in trace amounts of aging hemp plants. Research has shown CBN to posses sedative properties, which can help users fight insomnia and promote relaxation.

CBD Hemp Extract (Cannabidiol):
A major cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant, cannabidiol has shown the ability to mentally and physically ease consumers without any intoxicating or psychological effects.

A hormone naturally produced by the pineal gland, melatonin helps to regulate the body's natural sleep-awake cycle also known as circadian rhythm.

Nature and Science combine in our holistic formula. We supercharge our sleepy bears with a nano particle rapid release delivery system sizes. This increases both bioavailability and absorption speed so you get more active ingredients faster!


Consume 1-3 Sleepy Bears as needed 30 mins prior to bedtime. Please allow 8 or more hours for the product to work through active lifecycle. Beginning activities prior may result in minor grogginess.
How many should I take?
Sleep, Slumber or Hibernation. Sleepy Bear is designed to fit your need.We recommend 1-2 bears for most nights and users. Want to really sleep in? Hibernation will have you out like a light. It is recommended that users take dosage at least 8 hours before waking up.
Does Sleepy Bear have any thc?
None, not a little, not a tad. We label test all our products to ensure there is no thc in any of our bears.
Will Sleepy Bear get me high?
No our products are non psychoactive! Just sweet dreams here. 
What does Sleepy Bear taste like?
Tasty sour blue raspberry! Think our your favorite sour candy with a natural twist.
Does sleepy bear help me dream?
Users have reported that taking CBN increases vivid dreaming and Sleepy Bear has shown in research to increase REM sleep which is associated with more lucid and vivid dreaming.
Can I take Sleepy Bear with other nighttime aids?
We recommend taking Sleepy Bear on it's own.
Can I take Sleepy Bear with my medicine?
If taking medication please consult a medical professional before taking Sleepy Bear. 
Will Sleepy Bear make me groggy in the morning?
If taken as directed Sleepy Bear will not cause morning grogginess. If taken with less than 8 hours to sleep, active ingredients may still be present. If grogginess does occur, reduce dosage.
What if I don't like Sleepy Bear?
Don't like SB? Well as much as it pains us to hear don't sweat it! All Sleepy Bear purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee
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