Nighttime Gummy 1:1 (CBD/CBN)

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Aching back? Not Here! Work week worries? Says Who! When you need relief for more than just sleep, you need Sleepy Bear’s new extra strength 1:1 formula.

Our latest nighttime addition, a 1:1 ratio blend of Nano CBD and CBN is sure to have you snoozing comfortably night after night! A perfect alternative for those who need extra strength pain management and anxiety reduction but seek a melatonin-free option. These bears deliver physical and mental relaxation you need to feel to believe!

What bear is best for you? Find out with our new “Nighttime Trial Bundle” each containing 2-3ct samples of our OG 5/3/2 (CBD/CBN/Melatonin) Sleepy Bear and our latest 1:1 CBD/CBN Bear!


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