Special Discounts

Military/Veteran Discount:

Proudly veteran-owned and operated. Sleepy Bear was founded by former army ranger Kyle Paradiso.  Kyle has spent the last few years working on the forefront of veteran issues focusing on breaking the stigma against veteran cannabis usage and bringing the positive aspects of cannabis to help and heal the veteran community.

After suffering a severe spinal cord injury during service, Kyle focused on studying the use of THC and CBD for medical interventions instead of opioids in the veteran population. It is with this passion and heart that he created Sleepy Bear.

Sleepy Bear offers 30% discounts to Veterans on all purchases!

Medicinal Discounts:

Take control of your health with the bear:Receive exclusive medicinal patient only discounts for those currently receiving medical care. Not under care of a physician? Speak to one of our specialists today!

Becoming a Member:Discounts are given with any appropriate reference from customer’s current accredited practitioner or with a referral account created by a designated sleepy bear wellness provider. Ask your doctor for a reference or work with top wellness practitioners nationwide to get personalized dosage plans tailored to your specific needs! Schedule a telehealth appointment today or contact us for full list of authorized providers.